Monday, May 28, 2012


Hi. If you are reading this you might be interested in memes (units of meaning), words, ideas, and how we experience ourselves.

I am particularly interested in the memes we adopt as truths, and the effects of these. Some truths I believe are really worth unpacking, and urgently.

One widely held example is that "depression" is a disease, caused by an internal deficit, that results from weaknesses that are largely predetermined biologically and triggered by events.

I believe that we must consider the possibility that our (often well intentioned) efforts might unwittingly be perpetuating or exacerbating the sadness that goes with oppressed spirit.

Is this really the illness of "depression" or a process of "doppression" exacted on others by the way we interact with them?

What if doppression was more readily "curable" by identifying and having others recognize these oppressive practices as unwittingly harmful and committing to changing them, guided by those suffering from the effects of these actions? What if the collective awareness held by the "doppressed" held the secret to societal reform and a path away from bullying or abusive practices to which we have become desensitized and blinded?

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